Why Tapping (EFT) Should be Avoided (Full-length video)

A common healing method promoted today is Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This interview explains tapping and other energy healing methods. It also reveals how each method can be used with success or cause more harm than good.

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  1. i found this a very informative video… i have used EFT in the past, before i was a Christian, and it helped alot of things, but also hurt in alot of ways, so i think you do have to be careful, for instance DO NOT tap on ‘control’ as in ‘i’m too controlling’… because you do not want to feel the terror of REALLY losing that bubble of control we feel.

    actually, since becoming a Christian, EFT doesn’t work on me anymore, which is interesting, also used to do yoga before, and now it hurts….

    but one thing God DID lead me to was salt and other crystals to protect me from EMF which make me sick… and you talk to Christians and say you are using crystals and they freak out and say you’re being demonic… i mean they are ROCKS, God made them, if new age people put a curse on the rock, that’s something to worry about i guess, but just ask God to use the rocks as HE intended them to be used….

    salt is a crystal, and has been used for purifying and preventing decay since forever i guess, and Jesus said that we are the salt of the earth, did He mean we make it taste good? i don’t think so.

    and if crystals and gemstones are demonic, then why is heaven decorated with them? and why if we don’t cry out will the rocks start crying out about Jesus….

    anyway, i have taken homeopathic courses, and it does help, but it’s very difficult to get it to help, i would rather use nature. sitting outside in the sun, raw live foods, rocks, earthing, stuff like that.

    also have the Schumann resonance playing in my house all the time, and i’m going to look into your chi machine…

    i just wrote to say thanks, that everything IS energy, and new age people can use anything for evil, the sun, food, rocks, you name it…. you especially know there’s alot of evil food that can kill us.

    but it does make me crazy when fear mongering religious people say energy is of the devil, how silly is that?

    i don’t like muscle testing AT ALL, i do think it’s divination, and want no part of it, but would have liked this video to be longer about ways that are safe to manipulate our energy for health.

    thanks Paul!

    • Hi Elaine I think the crystal thing is more if they are being used as a focal point for meditation and mind projection to alter ones perception. Using salt in food is different to using it as a circle to invoke spirits… Discernment and common sense in all things is needed.

    • This guy is so entirely wrong. Everything he is talking about is occultic. Occult books talk about acupuncture, acupressure and biometrics among tuning forks/sound healing all are used in the new age. I was an EFT practitioner for 10 years and was deep into the new age for 10 years and deceived into fully believing occultic practices thinking I was helping people heal. If this is supp to be a Christian perspective, look up the book the encyclopedia of occultic practices. Auras, the energy system, everything in the new age is from occultic practices and mixed in with Taoism. GotBible has more info.
      Why is he blushing if he is telling the truth? Just saying. He is completely wrong and the Holy Spirit is not a part of him, if it were, he would be convicted with all of these. This guy has been deceived, just like I was for 10 years before I even turned 30. Jesus is SO easy in healing people. Not all this complex garbage that we’ve been led to believe the lies of the ‘angel of light;. Muscle testing is also occultic. I had to surrender all of what I believed entirely to God, and He literally delivered me from ALL of it. His healing, the great Healer, the great Physician… is so simple to heal. Prayer, fasting and deliverance. I do like what this guy says at the end tho. So this may have been a premature comment lol. He had some good points at the end once he talks about the deception. But the beg of his talk, made me nervous to even keep listening because I dont this he has the gift of discernment of the Holy Spirit.

  2. this is absolutely brilliant! Thanks so much. I would be so grateful if you and or others that you know, would develop a listing of practitioners and doctors by region in some way. It would be a big job, but so valuable.
    Loved you on SNL.

  3. Awesome! Thank you Paul. Very good information. Bless you 🙂
    I have a question about being in a house or room with Wi-Fi, should this be avoided?

  4. I have never heard of this but find it extremely interesting. Because of a cervical injury in 2010, I have received an implanted device for pain management. After hearing this information, I’m wondering if this was indeed a good thing? This device if made by Boston Scientific. It is called an “Implanted Spinal Cord Stimulation Device”. This implant enters from the mid-point in my spinal cord, on both sides of the epidural space, and continues up into my cervical spine, above the C5-C6 vertebrae. The implanted charging device is off to the side of my spine in the mid back. Do you have any knowledge of this and whether it is okay considering the information contained in this video? I do have control of this with an external remote control, similar to a TV remote.

  5. This was great! but I think you have to watch the whole thing if you want to avoid negative comments. Balance with discernment is what he emphasized at the end and those who wrote negative comments didn’t get to hear that and other good points.I thought it was great and to ‘squint and think’ is not grimacing and lying (comment on the short video). Thank-you so much!

  6. Hi Paul, I found this interview VERY interesting. would like to know what other positive/safer
    methods could be used. What about cold laser treatments?
    Thanks for the great information!
    Shalom, nicki b

  7. Paul, I don’t know if you have yet to address this in any of your other videos or writings, but I am wondering how those of us who do raw or mostly raw are to get our omega 3’s? Can you tell me what are the best sources and in what quantities in general? Thanks so much.

  8. okay this is not really “tapping” as you all know it, but I would like to know what you think about the tapping in this video. Would this be a form of tapping that could stimulate things in a wrong way? I did this exercise a few years ago when I was working throught some emotional things and found it really helped me calm down physically and emotionally. Yet, a month or so into it I became very tired. I’ve come to learn that the root of the emotional pain is still there and right now my adrenals are fatigued. I am wondering if there might be a link to having done these exercises since they have to do with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Like this somehow helped me not feel those overwhelming feelings, but messed up my body in a way?
    I really appreciate your website and your response to this. Thank you.

    • Hi Suzanne, I haven’t given the topic as much study as I would like to give you an honest answer but something just doesn’t seem right to me about it.

  9. just bought a device for my husband to help him with his back pain. Electrodes that go on his back. There is a
    tapping mode but also another choice. After watching this video I’m wandering about if he should use it

  10. Great discussions. Have also heard about it but never really tried it, Praise Yah.
    Paul, wondering if you have heard of “Jennetics”, it’s a pressure point therapy, developed by Mark Jenner (?? not sure of name). It uses a small measurement device that is NOT electronic, yet is highly sensitive to body stress. It may be used in USA more. In Aust on 2 practitioners that i know of. May make another good discussion point, even though it is not well known. Who knows YHWH may hide the good stuff, just as He hides pearls of wisdom in His Word. So rather than the popular stuff, this may be good. I had it done, only requires a few treatments. Re-aligned my body. Also on the point of frequency of stuff, I feel it is right, based on my scientific background. Also Len Horowitz speaks of the 3,6,9 frequencies.

  11. Hi

    I would like to gain more knowledge regarding Kinesiology and the muscle testing, and why that may not be a good method to gain answers from the body. They claim they are “asking my body”… which concerns me. Thank you

  12. Hello Paul,
    Thanks for your opinion, i’am using EFT i’am not convinced that should be avoided , but i belive that should be used for special situations, not for everything.

    Would be more useful if you could insert a transcription of your talk because not everybody like me understand spoken english at 100%, but reading english is more universal, my native languaje is spanish.

  13. Hi Paul,
    Interesting talk
    Whats your take on Cranio-Sacral therapy or Cranial Osteopathy, and on Biofeedback styled devices.

  14. Hi Paul, sorry i dont understand english very much, so i have two doubts about what you said in the video…..In the 9 minutes of the video, in other words, you said that the wrong use of the EFT on the body can cause damage or even DEATH??? Is really that or i undestand it wrong? And my second doubt…… i understand in the video that you see acupuncture more safer than EFT. Is that true? Because acupuncture i think is a more artificial method than EFT because both have the same principies but EFT don’t need to use needles, so i think EFT is more natural method, ins’t it? Please answer me because i’m a little scared with this informations that i understand. Thank you very much.

  15. Years ago I was a reiki master, crystal energy healer, and EFT practitioner. A year and a half ago I accepted the Lord as savior and was baptized. I ceased all practices, and prayed long and hard about reiki, crystals and all energy work. Finally, I got my answer–do away with reiki, crystals, etc. EFT/tapping I would continue as part of my coaching business, but only to teach others to help themselves, not to do it for them. Unfortunately, the truth is reiki and ALL unGodly energy work is an open door to negativity (for the new-age, universal thinkers negativity is what you call it). The Christians call it evil and demonic. It is the same. It is oppressive energy that is from the enemy. If it is not from God through Jesus/Holy Spirit, there is only one alternative source. For those having not accepted Jesus as savior, in-dwelt by the Holy Spirit, and baptized, you are outside of God’s covering. Therefore you are even more susceptible to negativity/demonic oppression. For Christians…well, the enemy will try until he flees because of our strength. Here’s what people don’t know about reiki: reiki practitioners are trained (FYI, I was trained just a few degrees from Dr. Usui, so I basically got it from the horses mouth) to believe we receive healing energy through our heads when we make the right hand signals and say the right words. The reality is the healer and you are both conduits. This means the energy can flow in either direction and it does. Both are essentially passing their junk to one another. My suggestion is to stay away with it regardless of whether or not you are a Christian.

  16. Some things are true here, enf etc, but Reiki is demonic….is all I needed to hear as to weather this was legit. Acupuncture is over 2,000 yrs old, btw. This young Dr has some strong beliefs…
    If you follow his opinions then majority of docs in U.S. would be demonic b/c of their beliefs.

  17. christianity and god is a kind of energy that uses your fear of death and fear of ‘being left behind’ and ‘fear of not being accepted by something that you have given your power over to’ (like a parent that makes you believe you are not worthy of having your own being). guitl and fear is what it uses. giving with one hand and taking with the other. this is why, the energy of other modalities, reiki or tapping etc, stops working, i think. and yes, those things can have collective or even very specific transmissions of energy too. and yes, they can be bad and manipulative too. ive heard stories of people’s spirit guides turning on them when they accept christ (in whatever iteration they do, which is not all the same energy). in the end, unless you remove the transmission from something, and use only the energy technique (which is neutral, unless channeled, like reiki), ur gonna get some garbage and some oppressive energy that wants to take you over, and in the case of certain relegions, energies or beliefs, enslave you (christianity being one of them, in all forms). the only energy that you can trust, is one that comes from inside your heart. or one that doesnt coerce you into doing things or becoming its vessell. or, if it is a relationship with a person, who brings out truth in you. the real truth.

  18. I just learned about EFT a few months ago. I tapped a lot this whole time, and I thought it made a subtle negative impact on my mood. It’s as if I was under light demonic attack or something. On the other hand, it seemed to give me insight, but it was always superficial, and never lasted. I think I need to stop tapping!

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