The Raw Food Diet Scam

Warning, something is happening in the raw food world that people need to be aware of. This video will reveal the truth about the raw food diet scam!

  1. Dear Paul, I thought soy was natural, is it not? Is it bad for you? And, what is wrong with bread if it is whole wheat and unprocessed with no preservitives?

  2. Thank you for exposing the “fake” health food that is deceiving a lot of people. I live in a small rural area where a limited amount of organic produce can be found. Will you give me a suggestion on how is the best way to clean non organic produce when that may be your only choice. Also I watched your food demo in North Carolina making the raw pesto and giving the pine nut pudding recipe, do you soak the pine nuts first before using them, and if so for how long? I’m really wanting to learn about all of the nuts and seeds and which ones should be soaked first and for how long. Thanks so much!!

  3. I wanted to add to the previous questions that we do grow what we can in our garden and enjoy what survives being poisoned by the farmers having their crops sprayed. I also have experimented with sprouts and am at this time trying my best to grow some herbs in my kitchen.

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