The Raw Food Diet Is The Way To Go!

I am eating a raw vegan diet and I feel amazing!!! Keep it simple, Go Raw!

  1. thank you for the “joyful” encouragement to live a raw life,
    of balance, with good food, exercise and attitude.
    thanx Paul.:)

  2. I love you, Paul! I get so much from watching your videos and reading your books. Because of your faithfulness, my husband and I are making so many positive changes that, I’m sure, will make the rest of your years wonderful. You are the best!

  3. Hi, I am really interested in starting to eat more raw foods in my diet but I am not sure where to start?
    If I wake up tomorrow and want to start eating in a more healthy and raw way – what are the basic things to incorporate in my diet and will it cost me a fortune?
    Thanks very much.

    • Hi Belinda, My books really help people begin but if you are not sure check out some of my videos. They should help but get my books. I will answer your question more in a video soon. For now just eat more raw foods.

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