The Cure for Diabetes, It Starts TONIGHT!!!

The new 9-part docuseries I’ve been telling you about starts tonight:

iThrive: Rising from the Depths of Diabetes & Obesity

You don’t want to miss this one.


A leading Diabetes scientist from Oxford alerts the world that Diabetes is,

“The Black Death of the 21st Century!”

You’ve gotta see these stats.

Diabetes is NO joke, and we’re ALL at risk.

-Even if we’re thin,

-Even if we think we’re eating “healthy,”

-Even if we exercise,

In fact, this sky-rocketing epidemic even threatens our CHILDREN now, 20% of whom are now obese in the US.

We all need to face the truth about how diabetes wreaks havoc upon so many lives:

2 in 3 people with Diabetes die of a heart attack.

Then there’s hearing loss, blindness, liver failure, limb amputations…

And did you know people with Diabetes are …

– 18X more likely to get kidney disease?

– 2X to 4X more likely to get heart disease and stroke

And of our kids who are obese, boys are 10% less likely to marry.

And our girls are 20% less likely to marry.

They’re also less likely to finish high school and more likely to live in poverty.

Watching Episode One tonight, and find out:

– Why are thin people often MORE at risk for diabetes?

– And WHAT the heck are “mini-strokes”?

– And “Diabetes of the Brain”?

– Can you realistically take simple steps to prevent your kids from becoming obese and diabetic?

– AND can you reverse diabetes, even if everyone else in your family died of it?

We find out tonight at 9:00 pm Eastern when the first episode airs.

This series is the largest documentary of its kind ever produced on the issue of diabetes and obesity, and it’s an absolute must see.

Over 55 top experts have contributed so that you have accurate and thorough information for yourself and your family.


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