Stress, Disease and The Raw Food Diet

Now I have two daughters. People say this will create a lot of stress. Stress will surely imagesaffect your health, but only if you let it. Even if you are eating a raw food diet or any other type of healthy diet, if you don't deal with the stress in a wise way, it can harm your health more than you may think. Even more than your diet!
I just posted an interview on my site with John Fielder. He has been eating a raw food diet for more than 40 years and healed himself of cancer. When I ask people how they ate before they were diagnosed with cancer, people usually reply it was really bad. However, John said even after eating a raw diet, he developed cancer and the reason was stress.
Here are three common causes of stress people often don't deal with correctly that leads to bad health:
1. Lack of Sleep
A person who lacks proper sleep will not be able to deal with stress. In fact, they will get more stressed over situations. Whatever the reason a person is lacking sleep, there is only one true cure: Get sleep! Easier said than done because there are many reasons why people are not getting sleep. Emotional, spiritual and physical reasons can keep us up at night tossing and turning. The cause must be dealt with if you want to fix the issue. Sadly, too many people avoid the main issue. They drink coffee, energy drinks and take other drugs to give them that energy boost they are missing because they lack sufficient rest. Other common issues like watching TV late at night, eating or being on the computer too late cause too much stimulation and should not be done before going to bed.
2. Worry and Fear
We only have so much control over certain situations. People often tend to worry about things they do not have control over and don't do enough about the things they can. This causes stress in people's lives. For me, having faith in my Creator helps me deal with stress. Not only do I understand I can't change certain things, but He controls all things and I put my faith in Him that He wants what's best for me. As for the things I do have control over, I do my best to get things done in a timely, organized manner. Remember the song, "Don't worry, be happy?" If we can do that, it will help you deal better with stress.
3. Financial Worries
We live in a world today that focuses around money. Or at least we think we do and that's the problem. I often see people go to a job they don't like because they think they don't have a choice; they have to make money. Getting stressed over money is just as hurtful to our health. I am not saying we don't need money, but the more we worry about it, the more it will affect our health. By the way, having a good amount of money is not a complete cure either. In fact, studies often reveal the more money people have, the more stress they have. The issue really isn't the money, but how people are dealing with it. People also seem to create a higher standard of living when they have more money. I'm not saying that is bad, but if they lose the money, they have a hard time going back to the standard of living they were once fine with.
Let's face it, the reality in today's world is that we will all experience stress. There are many other causes of stress besides what I mentioned here. Not being able to deal with stress correctly and wisely can create disease in the body, even on a healthy diet. Don't worry about what I just said, just handle the stress better.
I'm so glad I interviewed John Fielder again because when he said he developed cancer because of stress, even though he understood about eating healthy, it really helped me put things in perspective. John has so much wisdom and I'm sure his healing cancer experience helped his knowledge base. Now he not only knows how to deal with disease, but also how to deal with stress.
Have a wonderful stress-free day everyone!
Raw Paul
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  1. Thank you for your encouragement and sound teaching.
    The worry and fear is what I am working on. You know, the let go and let YHWH do His job.
    I think it stems from childhood fear and worry that my mother would die and leave me. She was sick and I was little and afraid.
    Please keep me in prayer about this as, YHWH is seeing that I get more sleep and that my finances are not a worry to me lately.
    Blessings and Shalom,

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