Stop Drinking The Water! See This Right Now!

After seeing this video I am changing the type of water I drink.

  1. Paul, I was drinking nothing but distilled water until my husband ran across this article and I quit drinking water as much. I was drinking lots of water at the time and now since then I don’t drink near as much as I should. I don’t know how to email you the article, it is approximately 3 pages long. Would really like for you to see it and give me your intake on this. I would really like to go back to distilled water, but am hesitant still. Thank you for you videos. They are very helpful.

  2. Debra Schilz : Hi Paul – is there more than 10 mins. of the water video? I didn’t feel like I got the full story. Was he saying the reverse osmosis is the best? Also, we don’t have to worry about our PH because the body regulates it itself? We have well-water here – I’ll google to find out where the nearest necular reactor is.

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