Skin Cancer Tumor For Over 25 Years Now Gone!

I never thought I would get skin cancer but I did. There is no way I was going to a doctor. I found this product, did much research and it worked.

This video is how I used an herbal salve to remove a skin cancer tumor I had on my back for over 25 years.

You can get the Black Salve at this link,
it is called "Black Herbal Ointment.

I also suggest you get the Salve

it is called Country Comfort Golden Seal-Myrrh Herbal Savvy ~ 2 oz
You want to apply it after you take off the black salve.

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  1. Thanks, Paul, for making this video. All glory to Elohim for his healing power in this ointment. Hallelu-YAH!!! Many Blessings! JA

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