Please Don’t Be Scared Into Taking The Vaccine

Please Don't Be Scared Into Taking The Vaccine

  1. After they get the majority of people on the vaccine they will turn them against the remainder of us. I have been close to 5 people who have had the Covid-19 and I still don’t have it. And I personally have been threatened outside of any building for not having a mask on. Yes, they are just making more addicts to fill their pockets.

  2. hey paul. appreciate your work and input. i enjoyed listening to some of your early morning streams on health. it sounds like you believe in the existence of this purported new invader and its caused condition, for which governments and media are offering vaccinations. what is your position on the existence of this so called pathogen, sars cov2?

    although no platform is completely safe, with what youtube and all of the other publicly traded platforms for information are doing, maybe some controversial topics can be posted on things like lbry, or brandnewtube, or ugetube, or brighteon. i agree that just like what you have now, your own platform or website, is safest from censorship, unless the isp or web hoster/server hoster starts sensoring, like they’ve done to people like the front line doctors or parler.

  3. Something I don’t understand is, why we are told to get a vaccine for a virus most of us have already had and recovered from. A lot of us got sick and now are better.
    Thank you!

  4. did your older friend get a flu shot before he got sick. i feel the flu shot is making people sick as usual flu is a corona virus thus long term home care get flu shots

  5. Paul I went to view your e-store and I wanted to look at what product you recommended for emf/radiation protection for cell phones, what do you usually sale for this? Thanks so much, have a blessed day🙏

  6. Very good video and it’s not surprising the control people want of others Manipulation is awful. The vaccines are in infancy and man made poison!!

  7. Hello again…I’m trying to buy a year subscription and my card keeps being declined…the bank says everything is fine with the card…plus I used it earlier this morning on amazon and all was fine..can someone help me with this issue? Thank you. My name is Carol Royal …email is or phone me at 336-902-5844

    • Hello Carol, I just tried to call you to help you figure it out. Give me a call 917-407-2270 and I an help you sign up

  8. Vaccines are part of the Eugenic agenda inspired by Satan. Vaccines are an attack and go against the Word of God. Getting vaccinated is defiling the temple of the Holy Spirit. In addition Vaccines use murdered humans tissue. Is this different than cannibalism? Also in defilement of the body that houses the Holy Spirit vaccines have 1 or more of the following substances Mercury, Aluminum, formaldehyde or embalming fluid and many other substances including Glyphosate! Here are a couple of references: 1 YouTube video [ The Yak-Sine Is Not What You Think It Is ] and 1 Website >
    Over 10,000 people have died world wide from CVaccines! 10 Countries have stopped CVaccines!
    Take Vaccines and you are doing harm to yourself with the possibility of committing potential suicide. Vaccines put your family at risk of serious side effects with symptoms including permanent brain and motor skills damage. They may cause you to have to watch your children (including when they are adults) until you die or they die!

    • I have a question? If we are trinitarians according to the word of God the highest, body, soul and spirit. When we are no longer here in this world, what will happen to this body? Where will the spirit go, and the soul?

      • Yahweh will improve your body to be perfect. Like. A new body but we are not separated. We will have a new body according to the word.

  9. Hi paul. Thankyou for addressing this crucial topic.In Canada 🇨🇦 we are still in lockdown/ 8pm curfew and its mandatory a Mask. I will not get A Test or vaccine. I’ve never had the flue vaccine. Last time I was sick was 25 years ago praise Yahweh. I agree with you about the dangers of the vaccine. I personally believe its either the mark or a precursor to it.
    Blessings to you!!

  10. Great video!! Thank you for your courage and honesty. We need more common sense for sure. God created us to create. And God doesn’t create rubbish. That is my true opinion. The body can heal itself, a true powerhouse, a miracle. No vaccine will ever outsmart our immune system!

  11. Shalom Brother Paul,I checked your message about this covid19 vaccine issue, I have not gotten the vaccine and not planning to,I want to say Yahweh our creator is with us who believes in him,I ask him to protect each one of us always with everything that is going around….I’ll always will praise him and believe..In Yashuah’s name!! HalleluYah!!shalom

  12. The Lord is pouring out His judgment on this world, and the virus deception is one of them. For those who put their faith in pharmaceuticals, vaccines, government, social acceptance and the things of this world, He is causing a strong delusion to come over them. God wants us to put our faith in HIM, in His Son and His Cross of victory in this hour. I believe He is making this country come to it’s knees, to cry out for His Mercy, and for salvation, moved by the conviction of the Holy Spirit in their souls, and great glory for our Lord and Savoir will be revealed. In the meantime, thank you for speaking truth brother. Let’s keep our temples clean-in body, mind, will and emotions, and keep our eyes on Yeshua, and praising the YHWH!! Amen!

  13. I really liked what you said. Yet again Covid-19 is another false flag event to take more of our freedoms away. Your absolutely right about if your not vaccinated your not going to be able to do really anything. People will look at you and treat you differently just because we are not vaccinated. It is another form of racism. Why cant people wake up and see what is really going on so we can make some real change in this world. The powers that be do what they want when they want. We the people have the power to unite and make some real change. But, yet we do nothing we just let them take complete control over our lives. Stand up! Say no! Take your power back! Our greatest strength as a society is our unity and love for one another. Stand up and at least ask some questions about what is really going on. It is your right at least for now.

  14. Show me 1 (ONE) documented ARREST REPORT for “not wearing a MASK.” All police arrests are published online. The whole farce is based on FEAR*; none of these rulers’ rules are Constitutional or will stand up in any #USCourt.


  15. Rabbi @PaulNison,

    Please itemize what “freedoms” you feel you think #USgovt #USCitizens have?
    • Under threat of caging/incarceration, we are forced to give our earnings and saving to perpetuate a bloody illegal/extralegal #USgovt military (#MIC1) that only a few 0.000001% support.
    • The #USgovt houses the LARGEST PRISON COLONY ON EARTH, with mostly 80% non-violent offenders (even larger than China’s with 4 times the #USgovt general population).
    • The #USgovt #MedicalIndustrialComplex (MIC2), #IndustrialPrisonComplex, #TransportationIndustrialComplex, un-holy un-godly #AsseymblyLineEducation #govtschools fleece #USWorkers just as callously arrogantly harmfully and without restraint as the MIC1.
    • Even Thou admit that #1stAmendment “free” expression/speech is practically no longer our right given #USgovt corporatocracy technocrat tyranny.
    • The right to own tools of human destruction is championed ad nauseam, but following God’s dictate in #GenesisIX7 is considered shameful when not criminal.

  16. Hey , I enjoyed your video and I agree bit by bit those who don’t take vaccine will be not included or welcome to attend gatherings or fly ,or ever work in some cases.
    I much prefer not taking any vaccination especially
    Covid-19 one that hasn’t been studied properly and long enough. The question is how do you carry on if everything will be limited to those who choose not to have it , you won’t be able to travel & as you said more restrictions and limitations

  17. It’s becoming a problem not getting the vaccine certain family members think i am irrational. I had the virus and recovered after 3 awfull days it got easier. Most experts i have read are worried about an overreaction to the virus after the supposed vaccine. It’s your life i have learned alot since removing lumps in my throat and back of my shoulder with black salve and changing my diet to include apricot kernels etc. Does anyone know where I can purchase black salve it seems to have disappeared

  18. Hi, I have been court ordered to take an injection of anti-psychotics. I had to take it for over a year. I am always paranoid about the damage it may have done, What are your thoughts? Will my serotonin/dopamine receptors be detoxed or is it permanently bind to my brain? I will keep the joy you mention in mind, Thank you for your opinion and 100% AGREE!

  19. This is a spiritual war manifesting on a physical plane. As many are starting to realize – this is about control and depopulation! This is why we must stand for Truth!! Or the NWO will continue to push their agenda forward! Thank you for adding to the host of others that are trying to wake up the world! Your actions are much appreciated.

  20. Why your title of this video is ‘Please don’t be scared into taking the vaccine’ ? You mean we shall take the vaccine?

    It’s very misleading!

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