What would you do if your spouse would not want to follow the diet you eat? Also what would you do if you had cancer? Do you think you can honestly answer that question with out having it and being emotionally involved?

Here is the link to the video about the Breast Cancer Genes with Dr. Schandl

  1. Hi Paul! I am wondering if you have a simple plan for eating healthy on a low budget in northern Canada? Our growing season is very short and we can only grow a limited number of foods successfully. We currently have 6 people living in our home right now, with different schedules. I make one make meal for everyone, but the other 2 meals it’s just me and my daughter. My husband isn’t ready for change yet, but I need to do something. My health is bad and so is my weight. I don’t have money for fancy foods, organic foods or special equipment, but I am sick of cheap fruit and veggies. I can only take so many apples and carrots! Please help. Thanks so much.

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