10% Coupon Update Now Limited to 2 Time To Use


Thank you so much for being a member of The Raw Life Health Show. For years; since I started this membership site, I have offered a 10% discount on all my items on my web store: www.rawlife.com

Due to rising prices by my distributors, and to keep my items at low cost,  I will have to limit the 10% discount to two orders only.  This will start today. No matter how many times you have used the 10% discount code in the past it will not matter, but going forward you can only use it 2 times.

You will still be able to get a discount on every item I offer on my site and I will do my best to continue to offer the lowest prices for all items on the internet to my knowledge.

Some of the distributors of the items I sell have raised my cost. I do my best to keep my prices as low as I can for my customers and will continue to do so. The "member888" coupon code you have been using will no longer work. From now on use the following coupon code upon checkout at www.rawlife.com  which is "member222".

I understand you have signed up for my site, and I promised an unlimited member discount on items for sale on my web store www.rawlife.com. However, due to the rising cost, I now have to limit the code to a two-time-only use. I am still going to keep my membership fee extremely low, only $5.95 a month or $47.00 a year. You are still getting a great value of savings by being a member and using the coupon code 2 times. You can still cancel your membership at any time.

I wish you will not cancel but if you decide to cancel it is a very simple process. Just login to your account at www.rawlifehealthshow.com and once you are logged in at the lower right corner there is a box that says "Cancel Subscription Here" All you have to do is click that box and you are canceled and there will be no future payments. (Please do not reply saying you want to cancel, you have to do it via the site, I can not cancel your account via phone or email because I don't have your paypal or Credit Card Details, you must do it, but the process is simple. Please let me know if you need help or have questions.)

Thank you everyone for being a member and for your understanding. Remember I am doing my best to continue to offer you the best value possible. You will not find any item I sell lower than what I offer. Have a blessed day.

Paul Nison


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